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Levante Beach Area

This beach was awarded the distinction theme «Breaking of Architectural Barriers and Attention to Persons with Disabilities» by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe (FEEE).

In the late nineteenth century this beach became a makeshift shipyard for the construction of fishing boats.

In 1900 he anchored in the bay of Santa Pola the British Navy vessel «Theseus» whose mission was to make observations of the Total Solar Eclipse that occurred on May 28 of that year. On board were the English and Scottish astronomical fees, which disposed of all municipal facilities to perform their work. In his spare time, staff Theseus practiced in the Playa de Levante a game called foot-ball, before the expectant eyes of santapoleros. For this reason it is said that Santa Pola was the first of Valencia where football was introduced and expanded.

At that time, Santa Pola had 4100 inhabitants, and this beach was the favorite of the population. Along with trade and fishing, tourism began to make their mark: Elche vacationers, bathrooms La Sirena, the huts along the beach, the Theatre and the Casino we have the beginnings of a fledgling.

Length: 425 m.

Services: It has all the amenities of urban beaches and nautical zone skates. It also has an area of care for people with disabilities (access point).
* Services umbrellas and hammocks
* Rescue Service, lifesaving and first aid
* Bars
* Public toilets
* Zone skates
* Biosalud Area and Playground